Cliffs Notes

024 - Resolving An Issue With Getting 2nd Calls Booked



My great friend, Deacon Bradley, is a member of my Next Level Mastermind and has been using the Prosperous Coach Method to create new clients. Over the past several months, Deacon has experienced a few scenarios where he has had a hard time with follow-ups after the first complimentary coaching session, specifically getting his potential clients to book their second complimentary session. This is NOT an issue where the coaching is not powerful enough. On the contrary, Deacon's concern, initially, was that the first session may be far too powerful and that the potential client may have four to six months worth of insights to implement after the first call. Yet, in a recent conversation via one of LinkedIn Live Audio events, we uncovered a few missing components within the Connect, Invite and the first session of the Create phase of the Prosperous Coach Process. No doubt, you will find a tremendous amount of value in this episode. Links Mentioned at the end of the episode Free