Cliffs Notes

025 - Nine Tips To Secure High Ticket Coaching Clients From Your Podcasting Efforts



Recently, I hosted an "Ask Me Anything" session on the topic of "The Business of Coaching" and Chris Pinckley asked the following question:  How can a seasoned or veteran coach, in other words someone who already knows the coaching industry, turn their podcast into a lead generation tool effectively? Talk consistently about the exact topics that your current coaching clients are bringing to their sessions. (No Specifics of the client Included of course) Use the precise language that they use to describe their pain, problem, struggle, obstacle, etc. Host “Ask Me Anything” sessions like this to offer a “public example” of the type of coaching you do and include some examples of those conversations in your podcast. Create “Custom CTA’s” For Every Episode. Prioritize getting people to your mailing list to nurture the relationship. Add different price point offerings for your value ladder of products and services. Invite your best clients who have experienced the most transformation to tell their s