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Live Commerce - The New Channel You Can't Ignore



On this episode we have Nick Mattingly, Co-Founder and CEO of Switcher Studio to dive into Live Commerce!Nick & Nick discuss what Live Commerce is, what the current opportunity is with Live commerce, and why it can’t be ignored.Nick is a livestreaming and social video expert. He leads the Switcher Studio team as CEO and co-founder. Since 2014, he has led the company to partnerships with Facebook Live, LinkedIn, Microsoft Stream, and beyond.We loved having Nick on the show - we learnt a lot from this episode about how to implement Live Commerce into e-commerce businesses and we hope you do too! You can check out Switcher Studio & Cartr here:Switcher Studio: you’re interested in learning more about how you can grow your business through subscriptions, check out our episode with Upscribe and see more about them here - Support the show