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The ABC's of Attitude with Glenn Bill



In this episode we are here with a special guest, someone who embodies the essence of what "Assertive Selling" really is, we bring on Glen Bill. Glenn is a world renowned speaker and an international best selling author.  He is the creator of the "Attitue Based Selling System" and America's #1 Authority on Attitude. Be sure to check out Glen here and get a copy of hes best selling book,  "The ABC's of Attitude" here!  Glen may not articulate selling in the same terms that we do, like Assertive Selling, but he without a doubt lives the princples: - He Asks Before he Tells  - Goes for the Customer not just the Sale  - He is a very giving, successful and great guy!   All in all he sells the right way!  If you want to joing Bill's children at our Certification this year, reserve one of the last spots at the link here.    How We Can Help You Close More Deals: Gitomer Books and Courses Here Sales Mastery Program Here Gitomer Sales Certification Here Speaking and Events Here Custom Sales Processes and Scripts Here