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How To Create Your Own Jewellery Brand With Gildform!



This week on the show we are discussing how to create your own jewellery brand. The do's, the don'ts and everything in-between!We are joined by Karissma Yve, CEO and Founder of Gildform. Karissma started her career as a jewellery creator, launching her jewellery brand XENOPHORA that landed at Paris Fashion Week. She then went on to create Gildform to bring innovation to the jewellery industry so all creators can transform their ideas into reality with the help of innovative technology and manufacturing. In this episode Karissma shares her story, the advice she has for entrepreneurs wanting to start a jewellery business and insights of the industry!You can check out Gildform here - episode is brought to you by Inventory Planner. Start your 14-day free trial now at Support the show