224. Joy Overstreet and the Cherry Pie Paradox



Before Geneen Roth, there was Joy Overstreet, leading gatherings and groups of women in San Francisco in the late 1970s, guiding them to notice the sensations in the bodies as they ate food, throw it away when they were full, and the stories they believed about themselves and their bodies. Today on the show listen to Lucia's interview with Joy about her book The Cherry Pie Paradox, and why Joy wrote a book on how to experience lasting weight loss and diet freedom 40 years after she stopped teaching courses and resolved her inner dieter. Get full show notes and more information here:   Joy Overstreet The Cherry Pie Paradox Book Connect with Joy on Instagram Lose the weight you want your way today  Sign up for the Podcast Primer to be emailed right to your inbox  Send Lucia a message on Instagram Follow Lucia on TikTok, too