Winning With Shopify

Keep Customers Happy & Engaged With Great Inventory Management



This week on the show is a topic we haven’t discussed before and is all about how to manage inventory and stock!We get asked a lot of inventory related questions by the WWS community, so wanted to bring on Charles at EasyScan to share his knowledge on inventory management and 5 ways to make sure your inventory is setup for the long haul!If you are having issues with managing stock and inventory at the moment, this episode is not to be missed!Charles is the Product Manager at EasyScan, and has 5 years of hands-on retail experience, plus 7 years of software development, primarily focused on e-commerce. This has set him up perfectly to Product Manage the best Shopify inventory embedded app on the App Store, EasyScan: SKU and Barcode. EasyScan has an impressive 5/5 stars from over 43 reviews and is the No.1 go to super app for everything fulfilment and inventory management on Shopify.You can check out EasySan here: acquisition costs and the return to in-