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113 – Five Lessons Learned When I Failed At Trading



Personal Update Focused on trading forex for 5 months: Apiary Fund & ProAct Traders Focused on trading futures for 2 months with another mentor. Paused all trading activities in November 2016. Two years focused on trading. I’m now focused on a new project: real estate investing. Lessons Learned Trading Mindset: Mini-business, chart patterns, persistence. Cutting Losses: Cutting the losses of a passion that hadn’t panned out. Letting Winners Run: Kept working on my marketing business that is growing. I am not a consistently profitable trader. Episode 0 & Episode 113 Continuing Education: I kept learning and I was open. Shifting to Real Estate Investing (REI) It’s so similar to trading, it’s scary. Many of the lessons learned in trading translate to REI. Less competition and more obstacles may make a better market for you. Can use relationship skills. When Things Don’t Work Out Two reactions: Get depressed OR perform an After Action Review (AAR). Trading did not work out for me on my 3rd go-round as I