Canadian True Crime

119 FLIGHT 108: The Sault-au-Cochon Tragedy



QUEBEC  | The story of one of the first instances of in-flight bombing, one of the worst mass murders in Canadian history, and the last woman to hang.  In 1949, a passenger plane fell from the sky in the Sault-au-Cochon area of Quebec, killing everyone on board...Full list of resources and information sources and credits:See the page for this episode  at canadiantruecrime.caAD-FREE episodes are available via our Premium FeedsSign up via Apple Podcasts, Patreon or SupercastImagesThis long form piece has all the photos and great captions:(Spoilers!)Coupable! (Guilty) by Dave O'Malley on Vintage Wings of CanadaCredits:Research, writing, audio editing: Eileen MacfarlaneAdditional research, writing, sound design, audio production: Kristi LeeTheme by We Talk of DreamsDisclaimer voiced by the host of True See for privacy and opt-out information.