On Purpose With Jay Shetty

3 Traits of Lasting Relationships & What You Can Learn From Failed Relationships



Do you want to meditate daily with me? Go to go.calm.com/onpurpose to get 40% off a Calm Premium Membership. Experience the Daily Jay. Only on Calm Why do some people stay in a relationship? People stay because they are in love obviously – but sometimes people stay because it’s convenient and they don’t want to waste the time they’ve already spent with that person. But is this really what makes you stay?In this episode of On Purpose, we get to listen to Jay’s conversation with Lewis Howes where they talk about whether someone can stay in a relationship with someone for a very long time. Listen NOW to Episode #1 of "Awkward Therapy" with Lewis Howes & Jay Shetty on The School of Greatnesshttps://open.spotify.com/episode/50Y6khgBST9J48o3KqtY0kKey Takeaways:00:00 Intro02:46 Real love is different from the movies05:13 Desire in relationships06:50 The chase and pursuit09:56 Why you don’t need to love one person for the rest of your life11:14 The reason why people stay in a non-working relationship11:56 Startin