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Ep-351 A Conversation with Usha on Project Management



Project Management is a topic I wanted to bring here. And the idea was a presentation that can be used both as video and Audio. I had a better idea and decided to have a conversation.. A Sora with Usha who is also like me in the same field of work. I thought that Sora will have more value to listeners and viewers. Yes the conversation is also available on Video. Here is the link Today also I did not read a poem. Let me work out on that.. but as you know I now have a new channel just dedicated to poetry and books and stories. Pahayan Media Books and Reading Vlogs Also here are the New diversified list of Channels which I am still adding content to. I would really appreciate if you can support me by subscribing to the content that you would love to watch. Pahayan Media Travel & Food Vlogs Pahayan Media Malayalam Podcast Pahayan Media Books and Reading Vlogs Pahayan Media Personal Development Also please do listen and subscribe to my Weekly English podcast 'Penpositive Ou