Vinod Narayan-be Content; Be Penpositive

#350 A Method to my Madness



If you have an idea do you patiently think about that idea by making painful analysis for considerable time like days or weeks? Or do you embark the idea immediately and then let it evolve as you act on it. I belong to the second category. I think I have a Method to my Madness, but I still don't know how to explain it. In this podcast I will take you through my thinking on my content creation and how I took certain actions to get started. I am not sure if it will work but I am happy trying it. I realized I did not read a poem only after I was done. So will continue that next week. Here are the New diversified list of Channels which I am still adding content to. I would really appreciate if you can support me by subscribing to the content that you would love to watch. Pahayan Media Travel & Food Vlogs Pahayan Media Malayalam Podcast Pahayan Media Movie Vlogs Pahayan Media Books and Reading Vlogs  Pahayan Media Personal Development Pahayan Media Amateur Cooking Vlogs Also please do listen a