Canadian True Crime

117 The Death of Darcy Allan Sheppard—Part 5 of 6



[ Part 5 of 6 ] After the court proceeding comes to a close, things continue to snowball, leading Darcy Allan Sheppard's loved ones and supporters to press harder for the truth. Review the available evidence*:WATCH: The Surveillance Footage at the mid-block pedestrian crosswayMichael Bryant's book 28 Seconds states: "It was Darcy Sheppard who, moments later, drove within inches of my driver’s-side door, as our Saab was stopped a little farther west on Bloor Street at an intersection near Avenue Road. It was Darcy Sheppard who then pulled directly in front of our car and spun his bike around to confront us, sneering at me. “Now what’re ya gonna do?”WATCH: Eyewitness statements and 911 call audioREAD:   Collision Reconstruction ReportREAD:   Transcript from May 25 2010 Court Proceeding* Remember - none of it has been proven in court (crown or defence)Media referenced in this episode:WATCH: Michael Bryant's interview with Amanda Lang on CBC&nb