Canadian True Crime

116 The Death of Darcy Allan Sheppard—Part 4 of 6



[ Part 4 of 6 ] The rest of Michael Bryant's version of events is provided to the court by the special independent prosecutor, as he explained his decision to withdraw the charges. At the time, the court heard that Bryant's version of events lined up with the evidence, but years later when documents containing details of a large amount of that evidence were publicly released, a different story emerges. Resources referenced:WATCH: Surveillance video released briefly by the mediaWATCH: Eyewitness statements and 911 call audioREAD:   Collision Reconstruction ReportREAD:   Transcript from May 25 2010 Court ProceedingFull list of resources and information sources and credits:See the page for this episode  at canadiantruecrime.caCredits:Research and production assistance: Haley GrayResearch, writing, sound design: Kristi LeeAudio editing: We Talk of DreamsTheme by We Talk of DreamsDisclaimer voiced by the host of True See for privacy and opt-out informa