Simon Kuepper

Can Tourism Boost the Economic Recovery in Jamaica?



Can Tourism Boost the Economic Recovery in Jamaica?   The Caribbean is one of the most tourism-dependent regions in the world.    Around 15% of employment in the Caribbean can be attributed to the tourism sector.   Around 30% of Jamaica's GDP in 2019 came from tourism and dropped to ca. 11% in 2020.   So should the Caribbean in general and Jamaica specifically, bet more on the tourism sector?   Or should it become more independent from external economic factors and supply chains and diversify more?   What is the future business model of the Caribbean and how can it find its place in a world that is on the brink of deglobalization?   In this live stream, I will try to answer these questions and will look at the pros and cons of using tourism as a major part of your economic strategy. Connect with me on:   LinkedIn: Simon Küpper  Twitter: @kueppersimon  YouTube: Simon Küpper