Canadian True Crime

114 The Death of Darcy Allan Sheppard—Part 2



[ Part 2 of 4] Unravelling the aftermath of the incident that caused Darcy Allan Sheppard’s death—the twists and turns that came with each new day, and how investigators worked to get to the truth of exactly what happened.Important articles mentioned:Cyclist may have grabbed Bryant, wheel: police, uncredited, CBC News, September 2, 2009Spinning the first week of Michael Bryant’s new life, by Linda Diebel, September 5, 2009Michael Bryant’s spin class by Joe Friesen, September 18, 2009Michael Bryant and self-defence, uncredited, Ottawa Citizen Opinion, September 3, 2009-See full list of media articles  Podcast Recommendation:Law&Crime SidebarSubscribe on Apple PodcastsSubscribe on SpotifySubscribe to the YouTube channelAD-FREE episodes are available via our Premium FeedsSign up via Apple Podcasts, Patreon or SupercastCredits:Research: Haley GrayResearch, writing, sound design: Kristi LeeProduction assistance: Aviva LessardProduction assistance: Haley GrayAudio editing: We Talk of DreamsTheme by We