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Kwela Book Chat: Adulting 101 by Jen Thorpe with Sam Beckbessinger



In this episode of the NB Publishers podcast, Jen Thorpe helps us navigate the tricky terrain of adulthood and shares some great life hacks from her book Adulting 101. Sam Beckbessinger, author of Manage Your Money Like a Fucking Grownup, leads the discussion. This episode was recorded during an Exclusive Books webinar launch. Get your copy of Adulting 101 here: https://www.exclusivebooks.co.za/product/9780795710445 Sometimes (often!) it is hard to be an adult. Yes, you can go to bed as late as you want, but you have to make decisions all the time. You have bills to pay and taxes to do. You need a place to live, and good people to live with, and you need a job. Then there is the government, crime, climate change and fake news. It’s enough to make you want to scream – WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS? There is no roadmap that will take you through life without a few wrong turns, but there are a few tips and tricks that can make the journey easier. Adulting 101 will help you navigate the tricky ter