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#341 A Simple Life..? Is that possible? What is it?



I think I lead a simple life. Well that is what I think about me, and so I thought I will start looking for some evidence to figure out if that is even true. As all people now do. I browsed the net and checked on what people say. I found I was far from being simple in their terms. But I still wanted to go over some of them. I do fall into the simple category in some case. Today's Malayalam Translation is a poem by the African poet Antjie Krog 'Neither family nor friends': നീതർ ഫാമിലി നോർ ഫ്രണ്ട്സ് Interested a FREE Agile Scrum Course? Here are the links and you have it Malayalam and English Malayalam Course Link: English Course Link: Also please do listen and subscribe to my Weekly English podcast 'Penpositive Outclass' Connect on Social Media: YouTube: Website: Instagram: Telegram: Twit