Canadian True Crime

106 The Gakhal Family Massacre



BRITISH COLUMBIA | In 1996, a family in Vernon, BC were preparing for a large wedding—but unbeknownst to them, a man was waiting in the sidelines to ruin it all. This is the tragic story of Canada’s third-largest mass shooting and the many lost opportunities that may have prevented it.Podcast recommendationDealing Justice - a podcast about cold cases featured on decks of cardsCanadian True Crime donates monthly. This month we have donated to:Archway Community Services (Formerly Abbotsford Community Services)Archway Society for Domestic Peace  (Formerly Vernon Women’s Transition SocietyThanks for supporting our sponsors!See the special offer codes here Ad-free episodes:All episodes, ad-free and often early on Patreon and Supercast.Credits:Research: Gemma HarrisAdditional research and writing: Kristi LeeAudio editing and production: We Talk of DreamsDisclaimer voiced by the host of True Website and social medias:Website: www.canadiantruecrime.caFacebook: @