Canadian True Crime

103 Karen and Krista Hart—Part 1



[ Part 1 of 2 ] On August 4, 2002, Nelson Hart took his three-year-old twin daughters, Karen and Krista to play by Gander Lake. They both ended up in the water, and the decisions Nelson made in the aftermath baffled everyone—including the RCMP. This is the shocking case of a murder investigation that forever changed the face of the Canadian justice system. Part 2 will be released on Saturday January 22, and it's available now, ad-free on Supercast and Patreon. Podcast recommendation:Voices for Justice - a true crime podcast hosted by Sarah Turney. Canadian True Crime donates monthly. This month we have donated to:Black Lives Matter Canada Credits: Research and writing: Emily G. Thompson and Eileen MacfarlaneContent advice: Aja RomanoSound design, additional research and writing: Kristi LeeAudio editing and production: We Talk of Dreams Disclaimer voiced by the host of True The full list of credits and information sources can be found on the page for this episode at cana