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The Best Research Tool in 2020 - CEO of Scrunch - Danielle Lewis



With just 2 days left in 2019, we are featuring another fabulous expert from the Social Media Influencer Summit on our Podcast! I’m so excited to introduce you to a very special guest, Danielle Lewis. Danielle is the CEO of Scrunch, a very popular multi-channel influencer platform that is used around the globe. Scrunch provides data and analysis tools for influencer marketing as well as marketing solutions for brands, with over 20 million users globally! Danielle is a fabulous speaker and an important voice in the influencer marketing space.  Danielle is going to talk about her company and how influencers interact with Scrunch as well as other brands. She will cover all Scrunch features, best practices and common questions. There are so many different topics to discuss on this week’s episode, so but sure to log in and listen to the full podcast with Danielle here: You can sign up today for free and you’ll get three days full access! Can't wait to see you all in 2020!Que