Dental A Team W/ Kiera Dent And Dr Mark Costes

Episode 465: What the Heck is Egoscue?



Brian Bradley, vice president at The Egoscue Method, joins the Dental A-Team podcast to relieve some pain. Just like dental practices encourage patients to brush and floss, Brian is here to encourage caring for your joints and tendons proactively. He shares what Egoscue is, how to care for chronic pain smartly, and even walks listeners through an activity to understand your body’s alignment. Give this episode a listen and you’ll leave with the belief that your body system isn’t going to betray you. About Brian: Brian is on a mission to help millions of people learn how to live healthier, pain-free lives and achieve complete fitness. A frequent speaker at industry events, he presents, consults, and conducts training with corporations, organizations, and nonprofits on the topics of chronic pain, healthy living, and high-level performance. His clients include Titliest, Golf Digest, the PGA, the Tony Robbins Companies, Bulletproof Radio, YPO, the Seattle Study Club, MLB, the NBA, and the NFL. Brian has been preac