Canadian True Crime

102 The Crimes of Noel Winters



NEW BRUNSWICK  | In 1984, human remains were found in garbage bags in a dump in New Brunswick. The story that would unravel would shock locals and leave a lasting legacy on the province.Resources referenced:Review of “Bodies in the Backyard” - by Rachel M Friars on True Crime Index - Twitter: @TrueCrimeIndex Email: truecrimeindex@gmail.comBodies in the Backyard by Brian O’NeillMontreal’s Irish Mafia: The True Story of the Infamous West End Gang by Darcy O’Connor Thanks for supporting our sponsors!See the special offer codes here Ad-free episodes:All episodes, ad-free and often early on Patreon and Supercast. Credits: Research: Haley GrayAdditional research and writing: Kristi LeeSpecial thanks to Rachel M Friars for help with local knowledgeAudio editing and production: We Talk of Dreams Disclaimer voiced by the host of TrueAll credits and information sources can be found on the page for this episode at See for privacy and opt-out