Dental A Team W/ Kiera Dent And Dr Mark Costes

Episode 454: Dentistry Automation: Will Your Practice Be Left Behind?



Cory Pinegar, CEO of CallForce (a dental scheduling business), joins the Dental A-Team family! He and Kiera talk about what it takes for dental practices to get creative these days, and how CallForce can help (particularly with answering calls, recare, and insurance verification) in a world trending toward automation!. In Cory’s words, it’s innovation or death. Is your practice keeping up with the changing and advancing times? Even with dentistry as a relationship-driven process, the field is moving toward automation, and the time to jump on the bandwagon now. Learn how your practice can get a head start! Episode resources: Check out CallForce Get in touch with Cory directly: Reach out to Kiera Subscribe to The Dental A-Team podcast Become Dental A-Team Platinum! Review the podcast on iTunes