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39 - Weird Candy (AKA Salad Eatin' Bitches), with Mike and MAGFest's Adam!



Blotsy, Mike, and Adam get together again to not just talk about food, but to eat it. They get neck deep in squid jerky, sesame paste loaf (halva), and Salsaghetti (gummy candy with spicy sauce). They also try out some interesting sodas and some gum drops that are like chewing on cartilage. This is not one to miss. Also, sorry about the audio on this one, there was some weird background noise that needed to be eliminated, and had some weird effects on speech. Come discuss with us: Music - Opening: Rollin at 5 - Kevin MacLeod ( Closing: Rollin at 5 Electronic - Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0