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251: How To Eat Less Sugar



If you're wondering how you can stop eating so much sugar, this is the episode for you! We all know that eating less sugar is very important for our health. Yet, knowing this fact and following the self discipline required to be healthier are two different things! In this episode, you will learn: Interesting facts on sugar consumption that will make you think about how much you are eating How American fructose consumption is so high--learn the common food products high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is so prevalent in How sugar releases dopamine to bring you happiness in a stressed-out life How the sugar in fruit and vegetables is NOT bad Delicious desserts with low sugar you can make from the new Power Foods Lifestyle low carb cook book View the HFCS product list here: Purchase the Low Carb Cookbook here: Purchase the Low Carb How-To Book here: