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253: Pregnancy Series: Weeks 14-15 Nutrition



Welcome to weeks 14-15 of pregnancy! In this episode, Kristy Jo will talk you through the following: how you might be feeling right now as you've entered Trimester 2, ranging from still nauseous and low energy to feeling good and an upswing of energy what is currently happening with the development of your baby why it's important not to compare your bump to others what "eating for two" actually looks like recommended caloric intake range for the second trimester macro groups, and how to make a 'complete' meal reining in the cravings and keeping tabs on portions meal ideas and what she is eating during these weeks sample menu for the next few weeks the difference between folic acid and folate, and why she doesn't take a folic acid supplement Copycat Cilantro Lime Rice: Ben Lynch Article on Folic Acid: Follow Kristy Jo's pregnancy and postpartum journey on Instagram @pregnancyjourney_kj. Email: