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Live From the Times Center: What Works In Conferences Today (Episode 185)



Hosts: David Adler, Beth Kormanik Guests: Candace Montgomery, Shital Patel, Ladan Wise In this special live episode of GatherGeeks, BizBash chairman and founder David Adler and editor in chief Beth Kormanik sit down with Ladan Wise of TED, Candace Montgomery of Essence, and Shital Patel of NationSwell for an engaging discussion held earlier this month at the Times Center in New York. The group discusses ways to create memorable conferences, develop intriguing content and programming, get audience feedback, and engage attendees on and off the stage, plus the biggest risks they've each taken—that paid off. Hear behind-the-scenes details on events such as the Essence Festival, TED, and more, and learn about the next great innovations in conference planning. Download or subscribe to the show at Running time: 1:01