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What Korea Can Teach Us About Hosting Safe Meetings and Events During a Pandemic



Hosts: David Adler, Stephanie Cheung Guests: Juri Seo, Dr. Richard Arriviello In this special sponsored episode of GatherGeeks, BizBash chairman and founder David Adler teams up with Stephanie Cheung, director of strategy and insights for Marketing Challenges International, to interview Juri Seo, an executive for Korea Tourism Organization, and Dr. Richard Arriviello, chief medical officer for InHouse Physicians. Seo shares case studies of large-scale events and trade shows that have been held successfully in South Korea, and discusses how the country effectively curbed the spread of COVID-19 through the smart safety practices, while Dr. Arriviello gives his perspective on how those practices can be implemented in the United States. The group also dives into how to communicate safety protocols to attendees, the future of domestic and international travel, the future of meetings and events in Korea, and much more.