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What Should a Future Hybrid Event Look Like?



Host: David Adler Guests: Dan Hilbert, EVP GES Events Worldwide; Jen Beindorf, VP Global Strategy, GES Events In part one of our three-part sponsored podcast series on hybrid events, BizBash chairman and founder David Adler is joined by Dan Hilbert, EVP of GES Events Worldwide, and Jen Beindorf, VP Global Strategy for GES Events, for a big-picture conversation on what hybrid events can and should look like in the future. The group discusses best practices for structure, strategy, and execution, diving into how hybrid differs from virtual, how to make it feel like one cohesive event, creating a-ha moments in a digital space, and more. They also discuss why content is more crucial than ever, the pros and cons of pre-recorded videos, strategies for keeping attendees engaged and interested, how long events should last, and how to create human connections at a hybrid event. To learn more about GES Events' hybrid event capabilities, go to