Gathergeeks By Bizbash

How the Iconic La Paulée de New York Wine-Tasting Event Made the Shift to Virtual



Hosts: David Adler, Christian Conner Guest: Daniel Johnnes In this episode of GatherGeeks, BizBash chairman and founder David Adler and writer Christian Conner explore the world of high-end wine tastings with Daniel Johnnes, the proprietor of the weeklong wine event La Paulée Mondiale. It’s been described as the “world’s greatest wine event,” with ticket prices as high as $10,000. Here, Johnnes describes the event’s shift to virtual this year, discussing what aspects of the online event did and didn’t work and what will carry over into future in-person gatherings. He also shares the history of the event, discussing how it has grown over two decades, how ticket prices are set, why choosing the right winemakers is crucial and much more.