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Case Study: How Anheuser-Busch Has Created Innovative Events During the Pandemic (Episode 207)



Host: David Adler Guest: Ronnie Yoked In this episode of GatherGeeks, we're bringing you another live conversation that took place at BizBash's hybrid conference in Las Vegas. BizBash founder and chairman David Adler sits down with Ronnie Yoked, head of experiential for Anheuser-Busch, named one of BizBash’s Most Innovative Brands in Events in 2020. Yoked offers an in-depth look at how the mega brand thinks about marketing and events, including how that strategy has changed during the pandemic, work the team has done to support struggling businesses, ways they’ve parlayed existing programs into digital in addition to creating new ones, and much more. Yoked also discusses her shift in focus from experiential marketing to “experience marketing,” how she measures the success of a virtual program, the shifts she predicts for the future and much more. Sponsored by Ticketbud. Running time: 32:33.