Cliffs Notes

013 - Defining Our Client's Problems In Solvable Terms



In this episode, I share a coaching conversation that I had via Clubhouse with Chika Bullock. Chika has an inspirational story of how she moved from Japan to New York City 15 years ago and she shared with me her additional inspirational story of her recent journey towards becoming a certified life coach over the past two years. She came to me requesting help to overcome her fear, frustration and overwhelm about all the things that stand between her and the completion of her coaching certification course at the end of this year. While there are a number of valuable lessons that can be pulled out of this conversation, the main point that I would suggest that you pay attention to is the concept of understanding as much as is possible about what someone wants, what seems to be standing in the way of them getting what they want and then simply present that information back to them by “defining their problem in solvable terms.” In less than forty minutes, I was able to recognize what Chika desired, what resources s