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Polytechnicast - Making your own art journal prompts #artsoundoff



Any path that brings you to journaling about your art, here I share some context around planning what you'd want to get out of your journaling plus choosing and creating prompts that are a good fit for what you want. Related Links and Resources Art Soundoff Customizing Your Next Creative Challenge, join the class at Skillshare or download your own copy at my workshop store. Interactive Storyteller blog Sign up for my newsletter, be in the know of what I'm making and learning about. Rob's Products and Ways to Support the Polytechnicast Get Guitar Fretter, an action puzzle that makes a game of memorizing the note positions on a guitar. Available on iOS, Android, Windows 10, and MacOS! Features 4 or 5 string bass, 6 or 7 string guitar, multiple play modes, difficulty levels, and more. You can buy me