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How To Get Other People To Sell Your Products with Brett Owens



Brett Owens is one of the most knowledgeable guys I know when it comes to getting leads online. It’s a numbers game and you can have the BEST product in the world, but the difference between success failing is getting eyeballs on your products. Today I wanted to have Brett here talking about how to get OTHER PEOPLE TO DO YOUR SELLING!This is the perfect solution for merchants who want to work as few hours as possible and also for brands that want to go big. If there is one person you need to listen to it’s Brett. I have interviewed people using his platforms, and our clients use both of Brett's platforms with much success. If you are ready for people to talk about your brand then this the episode for you. Topics covered:2 lead generation ways you see working well for Merchants, Affiliates, and Influencers. What makes these 2 lead generation strategies different and what makes them the same?Why are influencers still so powerful for eCommerce businesses?Why would a brand choose one option or the other or b