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APG 489 – Underwater Wing Walker



Our crew today: Dr. Steph, Miami Rick, Captain Jeff, and Producer/Director Liz Pyper. Join us for the latest in aviation news, your feedback, and this week's Plane Tale: "Still Waiting for Help, Still Praying." Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:02:41] NEWS [00:02:58] Cape Air flight Crashes off Runway in Provincetown [00:10:45] Cathay Pacific to Close London Pilot Base, Review U.S. Bases [00:20:37] Azul ATR-72 Aircraft Shifted By 140km/h Winds In Brazil [00:24:51] Pilot Uses Flight Path to Spell ‘Never Forget’ across NorCal Skies 20 Years After Sept. 11 Attacks [00:27:28] GETTING TO KNOW US [00:49:52] COFFEE FUND [00:52:52] FEEDBACK [00:53:02] JJ Pittsburgh - Any Tips for Travel to London? [01:08:09] Gregg - 9/11 Voices of Aircraft Dispatchers [01:09:53] Bob - Part 121 vs 135 Cessna 402 Fleet [01:21:26] Derek - Wing Walker Crash Bournemouth Air Festival [01:26:28] PLANE TALES - Still Waiting for Help, Still Praying [01:47:43] Kevin - The Acronym Song [02:05:17] Final Report: Sing