First Church Charlotte

Overcoming Your Past, A Practical Guide



August 25, 2021 | Rev. Nathan Elms Your present and future can be sometimes tied to your past, which can be difficult on us. If we can't have empathy for the person we were, it will lead to self-cruelty, and yet cycle with self-protection. It is easy to dislike the person that we were, but then defend that same person. Instead we should have empathy for that person, but not defend that person. Please understand that as a human, we were led by our desires and appetites at that time in our lives. As a solution, ask God for understanding concerning the things that we sought for happiness. Remember that we were trying to solve our soul's desire (who we actually are) through our flesh. 1. Identify the bad desires that aren't good for us, and then seeking God for wisdom and strength for overcoming the things that are hurting us. 2. Begin viewing ourselves as God views us. He paid a price for us and chose us, while we were still in our messes. 3. Remember that if we don't change what we pursue, we can never overc