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Sha'Carri Richardson Places Last, OnlyFans Bans Adult Content, R. Kelly Trial



#HolliewoodAndFriends #podcast is back LIVE! 3pm ET - Call 646-716-8544 to listen or join the discussion. Hosts @IamHollieWood and Judy Blu got you covered with what's #HotInTheBlogs! In their own funny, crazy, and sometimes out-of-line way! Listen in! SUNDAY 8/22 TOPICS: 1) Sha'Carri Richardson Places Last In Prefontaine Classics Comeback Race 2) OnlyFans To Ban Adult Content 3) The R. Kelly Trial Is Underway: Details Emerge 4) One In A Million: The Aaliyah Effect 5) Drake vs Kanye West? And MORE! PLUS: QUESTION OF THE DAY: What meal would have you fighting people in your house if they ate your leftovers? ________________________________________ Lastly, #WhatBlowsMine: where you, the listener, can call in and tell the world that one thing people do that just gets under your skin. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Hampton Blu Entertainment.  Any content provided by our hosts a