Winning With Shopify

How To Sell Your Shopify Store For Six, Seven, and Eight Figures with Brad Wayland



Want Shopify to set you up for life? Today I will be talking about setting up for an Exit strategyWe are going to discuss:1. What do businesses sell for?Add back schedule earnings Sellers salary add back2. What is Shopify Exchange?3. Planning for exit: The 4 pillarsRiskGrowthTransferabilityDocumentation - Most important part - Monthly P&L - Transferability ABOUT BRAD WAYLAND: Brad is an entrepreneur who began working in the online space in 2003. He has a wide range of experience in operating and marketing online businesses. Brad became friends with Mark the founder of Quiet Light Brokerage in 2015 and it led to him becoming an advisor. Starting in 2003, Brad helped build an online business in the custom t-shirt industry into a multi-million dollar enterprise with 120 full time employees. In 2007 Brad began having success marketing more than just t-shirts and started building other eCommerce businesses from the ground up. By 2010 he started focussing more on investing in existing properties and less in sta