Winning With Shopify

Personalize The Shopping Experience For Your Shopify Customers



On this episode of Winning with Shopify, I get the chance to sit down with Shahram Anver, the co-founder of DataCue, the best Shopify tool that improves conversion and sales with upselling and related products. Engage your customers with a 1:1 personalized experience.Tune in to hear us talk about why it’s so important to understand your data as a Shopify merchant.Questions I covered:Can you start by telling us why personalization on Shopify stores is so important?Can you share any stats or research on this?How does DataCue work by using these personalization principles?Can you give us some examples of how using DataCue has impacted on the performance of your client's stores?Can you walk us through some of the ways that smaller Shopify stores can get started with DataCue?How do you know? And for those clients who are more established, are there any strategies that you can share that could be useful?Can you tell us a little about how the pricing works for Data Cue?If our listeners want to find out more abo