Winning With Shopify

Taking Your Images to the Next Level - Pixc Founder - Holly Cardew



In our first episode of Winning with Shopify for 2020, I sit down with Holly Cardew for the second year in a row at our Social Media Influencers Online Summit! If you missed her last year, be sure to listen this time and you won’t be disappointed. Holly is the founder of Pixc, a company that helps eCommerce stores optimize their product content, increase their online sales ad automate the repetitive tasks within their business. Since starting Pixc, Holly has hired over 400 freelancers, built a distributed team and is excited about the evolution of HR with the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Holly has an extensive background in building eCommerce stores and marketplaces. She has worked with various international companies to help build their online brand presence. And her success and dedication even landed her on the Forbes 30 Under Asia list for an emerging entrepreneur to watch in the eCommerce and retail space. I am so excited to share my interview with Holly where we focus on images. Images are the main e