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Find Your Secret Influencers - David Perry - CEO, Co-Founder, and Developer at Carro



We are excited to shine a spotlight on another amazing Speaker/Presenter from the Social Media Influencer Summit! Today we’re talking with David Perry who is an expert developer in the gaming industry. David has created multiple successful companies and games, including Aladdin, The Matrix, The Terminator and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. David is wildly successful, with his last two companies being acquired by Sony PlayStation and Atari. He’s won a Development Legend Award. He's spoken all over the world at conferences and universities, even on the cherished TED stage! We’re excited to have him on the podcast to talk all things eCommerce and get his unique perspective on the industry. David is going to talk about his career, how to be innovative in today’s eCommerce space, the intersection of modern influencer marketing and eCommerce! I’m only covering some of the key takeaways and highlights here in the email. Be sure to go and listen to the full podcast with David over at