Winning With Shopify

Understanding influencer diversification and the future of TikTok with Kaila Yu



Kaila YU – The Holistic Approach To Working With InfluencersI am so happy to announce the return of Kaila Yu on today’s episode of Winning with Shopify! I sit down with Kaila for the second year in a row at our Social Media Influencers Online Summit! Kaila is a WEALTH of influencer knowledge and will take us through the changing nature of social media landscape, influencer diversification and platform usage. Kaila has tons of tips and brings a unique perspective to the Podcast this week.  As the co-author of the best-selling book 30 Day Travel Challenge, Kaila is a seasoned travel & food writer and appears in a regular television travel segment for FOX news. She is the founder of two extremely popular women’s travel blogs titled, “Kaila Yu” and “Nylon Pink”. She is also a writer for various other travel, food and news outlets such as VICE, Extra Crispy, Fodors, The Matador Network, Skyscanner, FWT Magazine and many more! Today we are focusing on emerging social media platforms such as TikTok, how influenc