Cio Uk Podcast

9. CIO to COO, CIO-CTO delineation, and leadership lessons from NASA's former Chief Astronaut



Tibco COO Matt Quinn, BMO Financial Group Chief Technology & Operations Officer Jean-Michel Arès, former NASA Chief Astronaut Dr Peggy Whitson and JLL CIO Chris Zissis were among the contributors to episode nine of the CIO UK podcast discussing CIO-CTO delineation, CIO to COO leadership lessons, and the people side of innovation. Chief Technology Officer from software and integration company Tibco, Nelson Petracek, and JLL's CTO for Application Delivery, Andy Crow, also shared their perspectives on the differences between the CIO and CTO role. Hear from Tibco COO Quinn and Arès from Canadian bank BMO Financial Group about assuming Chief Operating Officer responsibilities, and from Dr Whitson about the leadership lessons on her journey from being a research scientist and biochemist to the Chief of NASA’s Astronaut Corps. JLL’s CIO Chris Zissis and CTO Andy Crow, and Tibco CTO Nelson Petracek also shared their views on emerging technologies and the delineation between the CIO and CTO roles.