Clint Stewart Pres. Space Safari

Clint Stewart pres. Space Safari Expeditions 005 w/ Coyu



Yo! Welcome to another edition of Space Safari Expeditions. This month we have an amazing guest who is doing a lot of really great things both as a DJ and Producer as well as his hugely successful label Suara. Besides being an artist with a incredibly heavy tour and release schedule he has dedicated himself and his label to rescuing animals in need, which for me, says everything I need to know about him as a person. After I released on Suara earlier this year, I met Coyu at Watergate and was such a pleasant experience to meet someone with absolutely zero ego and a heart of gold. Im also playing with him on June 1st in Antwerp at Cafe De Anvers for my friends Joyhauser and then again for the Be@TV Suara In-store at Off Sonar, so i couldn’t be happier to have him for a Space Safari Expeditions as we make our way into these gigs this summer together. So without further adieu, here is Space Safari Expeditions 005 with Coyu. Enjoy!