Kendra After Dark

What's up Bosnia!



This week I sit down with friend Amra and discuss a bunch of fun stuff. We jump into her moving to the United States from Bosnia when she was young. Amra and I also like to venture to new places and try new foods and we chat about some of the great stuff we have tried. Dating has been a topic of discussion and you'll hear some of that today. After a good little break the show has a lot of great conversations coming up! Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy this weeks episode of Kendra After Dark.  Kendra After Dark is looking to discuss the topics you want to hear!! Please send us an email at with any questions or suggestions to be discussed via an upcoming episode.  Kendra After Dark is sponsored by Gaia Provides LLC. Gaia (pronounced Guy-ya), in Greek mythology, is the personification of Mother Earth – interconnected, nurturing, healing & providing. Gaia Provides is a holistic, Arizona small batch company, creating handcrafted health and wellness products combined with the