Stone & Nutz

Episode #01 - Crappy Punkcast with Jaclyns Tearducts, the worst band ever



"Crappy Punkcast" is a podcast hosted by a really sh*tty comedy rock band named Jaclyns Tearducts. This horrible c*nty band is from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Both members of the band have been friends since high school, and now have decided to grace your ears with the most bro humor ever. "Why is your band so crappy?" you may ask. It is because we want to make you laugh, smile, bop your head, and have a good time. This podcast will be a behind the scenes exclusive look into the brains of the two wacky weirdos in this crappy punk band. FIND ALL OUR LINKS TO OUR MUSIC / SOCIAL MEDIA HERE: *THIS PODCAST IS RELEASED AND PRODUCED THROUGH THE "STONE & NUTZ COMEDY ENT." BRAND*