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DC75 Longitudinal Review: Sennheiser Ruins The PX-100 Headphones



The ultimate longitudinal review, five years in the making. Sennheiser has changed their once-terrific PX-100 headphones for the worse. We don't often do negative reviews on Design Critique, but it's useful to analyze how a great user experience can disappoint after several years ownership. Reliability is the Achilles heel of the PX-100 and now it's even worse with brittle plastic, reduced cushioning, and wickedly tight pressure through the headband. In other news, Tim has a chapter in the new UX Storytellers book, which is free for download, and a blog post for Altitude Inc. We have email from two, count 'em TWO, listeners. All this in under 30 minutes.Interesting PX-100 reviews for the PX-100 and PX-100 MkII can be found at's chapter in UX Storytellers, UX Professional Buys a Car, can be found at http://uxstorytellers.blogs