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DC76 Interview: Author Nelson Soken on Innovation and UX



Dr. Nelson Soken, co-author of Lead the Pack: Sparking Innovation that Drives Customers Wild, joins Tim Keirnan for a discussion of the book and its principles. At the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society annual meeting in 2009, Dr. Nelson Soken delivered the keynote presentation to the Product Design technical group based on his book. Tim like it so much he bought the book and is now proud to interview Dr. Soken on Design Critique.User experience research and design concepts underlie a majority of the book's themes and this episode is valuable for anyone doing human factors or UX work in support of product design. As Dr. Soken emphasizes, people and our relationships to them in the workplace are a very big part of innovating.You can find the book at: addition to the "Contact the Authors" link at the above website, you can also find the authors at their LinkedIn pages. Just log in to your LinkedIn account and search their names:Nelson SokenWill Wengert