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DC124 Critique: Ford FiestaST



Eric Penn and Ryan Claffey join Timothy Keirnan for a critique of the Ford FiestaST. We never pretend to be objective on Design Critique, as we are too honest. We admit our biases so you know where our opinions are coming from. In this product category, our bias is small sporty cars with less mass and great handling that let you feel what's going on. The Ford FiestaST is a hot hatchback that won our undying admiration from the first drive. Tim calls it the American MINI Cooper, and he ought to know. It's as close as we'll ever get to driving a Labrador Retriever puppy. Tim talks in detail with Eric and Ryan about their customer experiences with the FiestaST, including * Encounter * Decision * Purchase * Initial use * Longitudinal use Eric's first drive of the 7th Generation Fiesta on Belle Isle was captured for posterity. Ryan's Protege Garage is also well worth checking out.